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Make The Best Version Of The Script: The Run


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The Run 2017 Spring

Deadline: TBD


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Join a team

If you want to join a team instead of starting a team yourself, there's an easy way to do that. You can browse the project cards on Rolehat Stage, and find teams that you think you will be great fit. You can reach out to the team's creator to ask for more information.

Build a team

Rolehat has passionate filmmakers like you who want to make a film. Start a project on Stage and they might reach out to you and join your team. You can also reach out to all Rolehat members and ask them to join.

Deadline for teaming up


Teenager teams

We allow teenagers (13-19 years old) to participate in the contest. However, we will group the teams into Adult Teams and Teenager Teams, which are judged separately and receive their own prize respectively.

Adult Teams: More than 50% of the team members are adults.

Adult Teams: More than 50% of the team members are teenagers.

How to join

1. If you would like to start a team on Rolehat, create a project card and have all your team members join the team on the project card.

2. You certainly may also join a team. Find project cards which are created for Rolehat Film Contest on the Stage and apply for a role.

3. Specify your shooting date on the project card. Rolehat will make documentary footage for behind the scene photos.

4. Designate a team leader and have the team leader sign the Contests Agreement.

5. Send the Rolehat project card URL to contests@rolehat.com along with the team leader's name and team name, and we will send you confirmation for joining the contest as well as contest materials.

Time to produce the film


Video format

Submit your film on either a self-contained SD Quicktime file with no proprietary codecs on either: A data DVD or a USB flash drive.

All footage must be produced by your team specifically for this contest.

How to submit

Films must be submitted to Sommerville Community Access Television 90 Union Square, Somerville, MA 02143 by TBD, along with the waiver and release forms.

Waiver and Release Forms

Each team must fill out a talent waiver form, and make sure you have the right to the music, image, brand, location, or any other proprietary in your film.


Please email us at contests@rolehat.com if you have any questions.